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Summary0029365: [Feature Request] Compile Time Macros for MCU specs
DescriptionPlease expose compiler known microcontroller unit dependant specifications via compile time macros like as found in compiler/avr/cpuinfo.pas

  • flashbase

  • flashsize

  • srambase

  • sramsize

  • eeprombase

  • eepromsize

Additional InformationUsing them may be relevant when writing code which is the same on all MCU's but need to react on individual hardware specifications.

E.g. Program memory location counter depends on flashsize but is required to calculate timings for RET instruction.
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Fixed in Revision33236
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Simon Ameis

2016-01-11 22:16

reporter   ~0088800

I just noticed, FPC already defines the macro CPUAVR_2_BYTE_PC wich is exactly the case for what I would have needed the compile time macros.
So for my needs the bug report may be changed to category "Documentation" as this is not mentioned in documentation (see


2016-03-13 16:51

administrator   ~0090970



2016-03-13 16:52

administrator   ~0090971

So moved to documentation.

Michael Van Canneyt

2016-03-13 17:19

administrator   ~0090973

Florian, can you explain what they mean ?
I have no idea what they mean or do.

and it would be nice to be able to correctly document these things :)


2016-03-13 18:10

administrator   ~0090978

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When compiling for the embedded target (i. e. system without OS like an AVR MCU) the base/starting addresses and (FPC_*BASE) sizes (FPC_*SIZE) of the different memory areas of the controller can be requested using theses macros: flash, static ram, eeprom and boot code.

Michael Van Canneyt

2016-03-19 11:10

administrator   ~0091198

Documented in rev. 1295 of programmer's guide.

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