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0029696Lazarus CCRLCLpublic2016-02-22 00:56
ReporterJan Roza Assigned ToZoran Vučenović  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Summary0029696: TDatetimePicker and TDBDatetimePicker prematurely leaves calendar after selecting a year
DescriptionIf I want to select a different year before selecting a month and day the component always leaves the calendar after I select a year and I have to re-enter the calendar to select the rest of my date.
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duplicate of 0029617 resolvedZoran Vučenović Lazarus TDateTimePicker – can’t pick date when year is changed 
related to 0029646 closedBart Broersma Lazarus TCalendar.HitTest method incorectly returns cpDate 


Zoran Vučenović

2016-02-22 00:56

developer   ~0090183

I'm resolving it. See 29646 and 29617.

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