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0029817LazarusLazUtilspublic2016-03-12 19:31
ReporterBernard MarcellyAssigned ToBart Broersma 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformPCOSWindows 7 HomeOS VersionSP1
Product Version1.6Product Build 
Target Version1.8Fixed in Version1.8 
Summary0029817: Request : UTF8ReverseString, UTF8RPos
DescriptionThe RTL offers Pos() and RPos() functions but they do not handle UTF8 strings.
Unit LazUTF8 offers UTF8Pos(), but it lacks UTF8RPos().

AnsiReverseString does not handle UTF8 strings, and there is no UTF8ReverseString.

Since ordinary strings are UTF8 strings in Lazarus 1.6, these routines would come in handy.
Additional Information// code proposal (tested OK with strings with national characters)

  function UTF8ReverseString(p: PChar; const ByteCount: LongInt): string;
    CharLen, rBytePos: LongInt;
    rBytePos:= ByteCount+1;
    while (rBytePos > 1) do
        dec(rBytePos, CharLen);
        Move(p^, Result[rBytePos], CharLen);

  function UTF8ReverseString(const AText: string): string; inline;
    Result:= UTF8ReverseString(PChar(AText), length(AText));

  function UTF8RPos(const Substr, Source: string): integer;
    RevSubstr, RevSource: string; pRev: integer;
    if Pos(Substr, Source) = 0
      Result:= 0
        RevSubstr:= UTF8ReverseString(Substr);
        RevSource:= UTF8ReverseString(Source);
        pRev:= UTF8Pos(RevSubstr, RevSource);
        Result:= UTF8Length(Source) -pRev -UTF8Length(Substr) +2;
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Fixed in Revisionr51927
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Juha Manninen

2016-03-11 20:18

developer   ~0090900

Last edited: 2016-03-11 20:19

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Your UTF8RPos implementation is slow. It may be faster to find all occurrences and return the last one.
Assigning to Bart, the author of ReverseString.

Bart Broersma

2016-03-11 23:37

developer   ~0090906

> Assigning to Bart, the author of ReverseString.

I did quite OK in "The Slowest Pascal ReverseString competition" (, but I did not write fpc's ReverseString.
(That competition is still open for entries ...)

B.t.w. Handling decomposed characters will most likely fail in any UTF8ReverseString alogorithm I can think of.

jamie philbrook

2016-03-12 02:00

reporter   ~0090908

How about UTF8ToUTF32 string... in both strings.

Do the code using direct indexing with no need to worry
about code points.

 When done, convert back the results to a UTF8 length.
You don't need to keep a UTF32 around for long, so it's not
that much of a problem allocating 32 bit character points.

 When doing the UTF0ToUTF32, one could reallocate in blocks along the

Bart Broersma

2016-03-12 14:51

developer   ~0090933

> It may be faster to find all occurrences and return the last one.
Tested with repeated cals to Utf8Pos: this is actually significant slower especially when the substring occurs more than once.

Bart Broersma

2016-03-12 15:01

developer   ~0090934

Thanks for the contribution.
Please test and close if OK.

Bernard Marcelly

2016-03-12 18:32

reporter   ~0090945

Better implementation for UTF8RPos (I think...)

function UTF8RPos(const Substr, Source: string): integer;
  rBytePos: integer;
  rBytePos:= RPos(Substr, Source);
  if rBytePos > 0
    Result:= UTF8Length(Copy(Source, 1, rBytePos -1)) +1
    Result:= 0;

Bart Broersma

2016-03-12 19:31

developer   ~0090947

In my tests that one is actually about 1.4 times slower.

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