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0029986LazarusLCLpublic2020-04-17 07:46
ReporterBambang Pranoto Assigned ToMattias Gaertner  
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Product Version1.6 
Summary0029986: Visual Form Inheritance: Problem when change component parent in subclass form
DescriptionIn subclassed form if we change parent of a component inherited from the parent class, the form will fail to be loaded
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a form TForm1 with a button Button1. Save the form.

2. Create a new form inherited from TForm1, save and close the new form then reopen the form. If you do not close and reopen you will not see the button in subclassed form (TForm11).

3. Place a panel in TForm11

4. Right click the Button in TForm11

5. Change Parent to Panel1

6. Now close and save the subclassed form.

7. Reopen the subclassed form.

8. An Read Error popped up:
   Component Class=TButton
   Duplicate name: A component named "Button1" already exists
   Stream position=221

   see the screenshot in attachment

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related to 0036920 closedJuha Manninen Delete a component from Ancestor form causes IDE hangs in all inherited forms from this parent 


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Is solvable this issue? Thanks

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