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0030231LazarusWidgetsetpublic2016-12-20 11:54
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Product Version1.6 
Summary0030231: OS X: Exception when using dylib with Interfaces unit
DescriptionLoading simplest dylib with added Interfaces unit under OS X (Yosemite on VMware) causes an exception when the host program quits.
Steps To ReproduceUse attached samples for the dylib and host program. Compile both, run host program, press on button (now dylib should be loaded and then unloaded) and quit host program ->exception.
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WidgetsetCarbon, Cocoa
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2016-06-02 17:15

reporter (144,630 bytes)


2016-06-02 17:24

reporter   ~0092984

Had to add this with Chrome, adding with attached file did not work in Firefox.

Juha Manninen

2016-06-02 17:42

developer   ~0092986

I deleted the 3 identical reports as requested.


2016-06-02 17:56

reporter   ~0092987

Thank you, each time I tried with Firefox there was error (504 or similar) asking me to press BACK button and review the input data...didn't know the issue was actually added.


2016-11-23 15:34

reporter   ~0096156

After a longer time I returned to this and located a problem (having both fpc and lazarus trunk). It is in file, TCarbonWidgetSet.Destroy, line:

[code]if pool <> nil then pool.Free[/code]

When I comment this out then app terminates 'correctly' (without exception). It is not clean solution for sure (at least produces a mem leak) but now working.

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