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0030379FPCpublic2019-10-06 15:12
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Fixed in Version3.3.1 
Summary0030379: SIGSEV error due to circular reference between SQLQuery and DataSource
DescriptionI wanted to display a MySQL query result in a grid. So I added the following components:

Then linking the objects together I select
SQLTransaction.database to MySQL56Connection
SQLQuery.Database to MySQL56Connection
SQLQuery.Transaction to SQLTransaction
SQLQuery.Datasource to Datasource (!)
Datasource.Dataset to SQLQuery
Datagrid.Datasource to Datasource.

Run the app, saw the data but as soon as I try to move the record, I got the above message.

[Window Title]

Project MySQL raised exception class 'External: SIGSEGV'.

 At address 585882


After lots of searches, I did look at the whole chain and noticed there was a circular reference between the Datasource and the SQLquery. the line above with the ! at the end is not correct. But the interface marks the datasource in red tempting user to fill it in.

Fun is that if you first set the link between SQL and Source from the Source fisrt, then you cannot set it on top from the SQL side. This warns you that a circular reference is there.

In the ohter direction, first set the datasource in the SQL and then the SQL in the datasource then no error but the SIGSEGV.

So there should be a similar check in both components.

Steps To ReproduceDescribed above.
Additional InformationUsing XAMPP version 5.6.23. And connector for MySQL/C version 5.6.6 (libmysql.dll)
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Fixed in Revision43143
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Michael Van Canneyt

2019-10-06 15:12

administrator   ~0118379

Fixed. Please test and close if OK.

Thanks for reporting!

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