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0031166FPCPackagespublic2019-12-19 14:36
ReporterCudaText man Assigned ToMichael Van Canneyt  
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Product Version3.1.1 
Summary0031166: JsonConf: need share-more on read
Descriptionprocedure TJSONConfig.LoadFromFile(const AFileName: String);

here you dont allow shared-read. fmShare*** flag. My app has 2 starts at same time, and share-error in one app.
Wish: add share-mode-allowed
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duplicate of 0031587 closedMichael Van Canneyt FCL-Json: should use fmShareDenyNone 


jamie philbrook

2016-12-24 23:34

reporter   ~0097070

two stupid questions;

  1. Did you try fmOpenRead+fmShareDenyNone;
  2. Did you try fmOpenRead+fmShareDenyWrite;

CudaText man

2016-12-24 23:58

reporter   ~0097071

I added today ShareDenyNone, fixed JsonConf, will test it in app.

Thaddy de Koning

2016-12-27 08:34

reporter   ~0097083

Last edited: 2016-12-27 08:39

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These options should be or'ed,. not added. fmOpenRead or fmShareDenyNone;

Although on a properly designed API this may look interchangeable, they are different mathematical operations and can give different results. Never use "+" on these kind of Boolean flags. E.g. 2 or 2 <> 2 + 2 and who says 2 could not occur? E.g.2.: "or" also governs mutual exclusivity of option flags.

CudaText man

2016-12-27 10:09

reporter   ~0097085

Of course, "or". Pls,
fmOpenRead or fmShareDenyNone

jamie philbrook

2016-12-28 23:19

reporter   ~0097138


 It has been a long time practice of summing FileModes and FileShare values.

 At least in the windows world.
  FileModes use the first 4 bits. ShartModes the next 4 bits...

 A file state is created once by simply summing, due to their values .

  There are also higher file attributes not covered here, but they also can
be summed in the same way.

 Any modification to a variable holding a fileMode and sharing of course needs to be done via BIT math or simply recreate it via summing.


CudaText man

2017-03-23 16:31

reporter   ~0099173

Duplicate of 0031587, please close

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