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0031923LazarusTAChartpublic2017-06-09 23:08
ReporterPaweł Dmitruk Assigned ToOndrej Pokorny  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.9 (SVN) 
Summary0031923: TChart - Range check error
Descriptiondrag a TChart contol to a form -> show message "Range chek error" -> the Lazarus IDE crashes

Lazarus trunk (55083)/fpc 3.0.2 (win32), Windows 7

in lazarus 1.8rc1 it's all ok
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Fixed in Revision55098
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related to 0031995 closedwp Dropping TAChart component from palette to a form creates a range error 



2017-05-26 00:37

developer   ~0100690

Happens after r54955 (by Ondrej), r54954 is still ok.


2017-05-26 09:31

developer   ~0100702

Ondrej, I am assigning this report to you because you did r54955.

This is the IDE's stack trace of the crash:

Hint: (lazarus) [TPkgManager.AddUnitDependenciesForComponentClasses] Adding Project Dependency project1 -> TAChartLazarusPkg
Hint: (lazarus) [TPkgManager.AddUnitDependenciesForComponentClasses] Extending Uses unit1.pas TAGraph
TApplication.HandleException Access violation
  Stack trace:
  $0078A380 line 2576 of propedits.pp
  $0078C1B4 line 3411 of propedits.pp
  $0078F3EC line 4537 of propedits.pp
  $0078C20C line 3418 of propedits.pp
  $0077CFC7 line 2988 of objectinspector.pp
  $0077C8C0 line 3068 of objectinspector.pp
  $0077D987 line 3145 of objectinspector.pp
  $0077DCB9 line 3189 of objectinspector.pp
  $005A37E1 line 132 of include/
  $0058C92D line 4819 of include/
  $00590B45 line 6772 of include/
  $005A36ED line 112 of include/
  $0058DDE3 line 5396 of include/
  $006625D6 line 112 of lclmessageglue.pas
  $0056BF3C line 702 of win32/


2017-05-26 10:00

developer   ~0100703

Last edited: 2017-05-26 10:06

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The crash happens when accessing XMax, the first float property of TChartExtent (declared in unit TATypes). The line within TPropertyEditor.IsDefaultValue executed to crash is the one with CallStoredFunction

  function TPropertyEditor.IsDefaultValue: boolean;
    if HasStoredFunction then begin
      Result := not CallStoredFunction; // <-- crashing here
    end else

After removing the "stored IsBoundsStored" in the property declaration of TChartExtent the crash is gone:

  TChartExtent = class(TChartElement)
    property UseXMax: Boolean index 3 read GetUseBounds write SetUseBounds default false;
    property UseXMin: Boolean index 1 read GetUseBounds write SetUseBounds default false;
    property UseYMax: Boolean index 4 read GetUseBounds write SetUseBounds default false;
    property UseYMin: Boolean index 2 read GetUseBounds write SetUseBounds default false;
    property XMax: Double index 3 read GetBounds write SetBounds; // stored IsBoundsStored;
    property XMin: Double index 1 read GetBounds write SetBounds; // stored IsBoundsStored;
    property YMax: Double index 4 read GetBounds write SetBounds; // stored IsBoundsStored;
    property YMin: Double index 2 read GetBounds write SetBounds; // stored IsBoundsStored;

So, the problem is: What's wrong with IsBoundStored?

  function TChartExtent.IsBoundsStored(AIndex: Integer): Boolean;
    Result := FExtent.coords[AIndex] <> 0;

Ondrej Pokorny

2017-05-26 13:11

developer   ~0100709

> So, the problem is: What's wrong with IsBoundStored?

TPropertyEditor cannot handle the AIndex parameter yet. (I forgot about it completely.) It should be possible to add. I'll check ASAP.

Ondrej Pokorny

2017-05-26 13:54

developer   ~0100710

Should be fixed.

Btw. You should use the SameValue function in "TChartExtent.IsBoundsStored" -
 you compare double values there.


2017-05-26 14:27

developer   ~0100711

@Ondrej: Just had the idea with the different signature of the IsBoundsStored function - and you already have the solution! Thank you.

Thanks also for the hint to using "SameValue". Although I believe that only exact zeros will make it to this code position I'll apply this change.

@Paweł Dmitruk: Please test and close if ok.

Paweł Dmitruk

2017-05-26 16:35

reporter   ~0100712


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