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0032006FPCCompilerpublic2019-12-27 09:06
ReporterChristo CrauseAssigned ToFlorian 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformEmbedded avrOSOS Version
Product Version3.1.1Product Build36496 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.3.1 
Summary0032006: Internal error 200103281 on floating point division
DescriptionAn internal compiler error gets generated when the source contains a divide operator.
Steps To ReproduceExample 1:

program project1;
const float = 1000 / 3;
begin end.


program project2;
var a: byte;
  a := 3/4;

Compiled with:
~/fpc/3.1.1/compiler/ppcrossavr -Tembedded -Wpatmega328p -Cpavr5 -Pavr -g -a -XPavr- -Sm -dF_CPU:=16000000 $1
Additional InformationI assume that floating point math is not implemented yet for this target, but I did not expect an internal error.
Fixed in Revision43794
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Christo Crause

2018-08-19 07:42

reporter   ~0110144

Until floating point support is added to the AVR target, I would suggest the parser simply emit an error when encountering anything resulting in a floating point type.


2018-08-20 11:21

administrator   ~0110164

This is not a matter of the parser but the semantic analysis/code generator. Nevertheless, this is much harder than it sounds as possible locations where this can happen is spread over the whole compiler so I better invest my time in making floats working :)

Christo Crause

2018-08-22 18:53

reporter   ~0110240

As a minimalist I don't consider floating point support as urgent, but once some Arduino users start using FPC I'm sure it will be missed. OK I will also use it if available and lightweight enough :)

Andi Friess

2019-06-21 21:04

reporter   ~0116828

Last edited: 2019-06-21 21:06

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program project1;
const word = 1000 div 3;
begin end.

Is working, so it can be a workaround if you want to work with integers only and not with floating point values.

Christo Crause

2019-06-22 21:43

reporter   ~0116857

Andi - yes div is a work-around. My issue is rather that the compiler should give a meaningful error message, not an internal error if I use an unsupported feature.

Christo Crause

2019-12-27 09:06

reporter   ~0120082

Thanks Florian.

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