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0032091LazarusDebuggerpublic2017-07-03 09:03
ReporterJulius Assigned ToMartin Friebe  
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Platformx86_64-linux-qtOSDebian Jessie 
Product Version1.6 
Summary0032091: Single Quote ( ' ) in an uncommented line in a conditional define causes debugger to offset
DescriptionI had a conditional define that was only for release mode (picture attached). I wanted an uncommented invalid line in it so that when building my release it stopped there to remind me, or anyone else, to do stuff. By chance I had typed something like:

Address these issues, 'k?

Then I noticed that I couldn't debug properly anymore. See the attached picture, all breakpoint indicators were offset by one in the up direction. A breakpoint on the first line of a procedure, for example, wouldn't break at all. I spent two days tracking down this problem!!! Simply removing the ' from the uncommented line restored proper debugging.
Steps To ReproduceIn an IFDEF block (but make sure it is undefined) type an uncommented line with an ' in it. Build. Run. Look at your breakpoint indicators...they are wrong and it does interfere with debugging.
Additional InformationIf the above situation simply take out the naked, single '
and all is well again. Maybe this is already fixed but I wanted to alert you so that no one else falls into this situation.
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LazBreakDebugging.png (137,269 bytes)   

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