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0032134PackagesLCLpublic2017-07-19 19:16
ReporterDarkShadow44 Assigned ToOndrej Pokorny  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platformx64OSWindows 7 
Product Version1.8RC3 
Summary0032134: TDBGrid doesn't hide horizontal Scrollbar
DescriptionSince RC1.8RC3 the TDBGrid doesn't hide the horizontal Scrollbar, even if Scrollbars is set to ssNone. It used to work in 1.6.4.
Steps To ReproduceDownload the attached demo and click the button.
Additional InformationThe issue also appears with ArchLinux x64 with Qt.
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Fixed in Revision55539
WidgetsetWin32/Win64, QT
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2017-07-11 00:10


test.7z (60,465 bytes)

Ondrej Pokorny

2017-07-18 23:44

developer   ~0101768

Strange. I cannot reproduce. Please retest with current 1.8 fixes branch or trunk or give more information.

I don't see any scrollbars in your example.


2017-07-19 00:56

reporter   ~0101772

For some strange reason I can't seem to reproduce it on windows anymore.
When using Arch linux, getting the latest trunk and compiling it, I get the same issue though. But only when compiling with qt, it works for gtk2. Qt5 and gtk3 don't seem to work, so I can't test that.

Ondrej Pokorny

2017-07-19 08:56

developer   ~0101775

I fixed the Qt issue. But for me the VERTICAL scrollbar was visible, not the horizontal. Please retest.


2017-07-19 17:36

reporter   ~0101793

This is odd. But I can confirm that revision 55539 fixes the issue.
No idea what went wrong on windows, but since I can't reproduce that either, I consider it fixed.

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