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0032277LazarusIDEpublic2017-08-21 13:21
ReporterMichl Assigned ToMichl  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.8RC4 
Target Version1.8Fixed in Version1.9 (SVN) 
Summary0032277: Initial mainbar height wrong for Windows
DescriptionI've installed a fresh clean Lazarus 1.8RC4. IIRC the problem was there a while before but it was solved after minimizing and maximizing the IDE. So I forgot it. Now if I do the same, the height isn't changed anymore.

The same issue is in trunk version.
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Fixed in Revisionr55666
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2017-08-15 23:25


mainbar.png (23,705 bytes)   
mainbar.png (23,705 bytes)   


2017-08-15 23:43

developer   ~0102194

If I swith to AERO theme, I can't see that behaviour. IMHO there is a problem with the menu height. It seems to be to big.

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