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0032296Lazarus CCRPackagespublic2020-09-29 10:15
ReporterDavid Assigned ToDmitry Boyarintsev  
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Summary0032296: RichMemo.GetTextAttributes() does not return false when first param out of range
DescriptionFirst Param to this function points to a char in the Memo that it should report on. The function is described as returning False if the indicated char is somehow invalid. Passing -1 or a number greater than RichMemo.GetTexLen() however returns True.
Works fin under Linux.
Steps To Reproduce
if Richmemo1.GetTextAttributes(-1, FP) then showmessage('Failed on -1');
if Richmemo1.GetTextAttributes(30000, FP) then showmessage('Failed on 30000');
Additional InformationAn easy fix appears to add a test at entry into the function, insert into line 677 of RichMemo.pas -

677 Result := False;
678 if (textStart < 0) or (TextStart >= GetTextLen) then exit();

Its unnecessary under linux but does no harm. I have tested under Win10 and GTK2 based Linux.
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2017-09-16 10:29

reporter   ~0102866

This approach does not work on Cocoa because GetTextLen is also not working there. So, it becomes length(Lines.Text) unless GetTextLen is fixed first. I wish ....

Dmitry Boyarintsev

2020-01-13 16:09

developer   ~0120406

please test and close if ok


2020-02-13 02:09

reporter   ~0121075

Thanks Dmitry, all good.


2020-09-26 02:24

reporter   ~0125864

Sorry to have to reopen however, does not work on the Mac. Back in Feb, I tested on Linux/Windows because I did not have my old Mac with me. Sadly I did not look at the code, just tested.
As I note in the report, we cannot use GenTextLen() on the Mac, it fails. You have called a function, TCustomRichMemo.isValidCharOfs(), 0001128 of RichMemo.pas and it calls GetTextLen().
If you still want to use isValidCharOfS() then it needs to be patched to avoid GetTextLen(). Its ugly but this works -

function TCustomRichMemo.isValidCharOfs(TextStart: integer): Boolean;
  // TextStart, where TextStart = GetTextLen, is a location at the end of the text
  // it's technically a valid character offset (position)
  // Because it's where the entry should occur
  {$ifdef LCLCOCOA}Result := (TextStart >= 0) and (TextStart <= UTF8length(Text));
  {$else}Result := (TextStart >= 0) and (TextStart <= GetTextLen);{$endif} // DRB 2020-09-25

Without either this ugly fix or a working GetTextlen() almost all of RichMemo does not work on the Mac.

Very sorry I have taken so long to looking at this on the Mac !



2020-09-29 03:14

reporter   ~0125950

Worth holding off on this, I have a working fix for gentextlen that is much better solution. Will need to do some extensive testing first ....


2020-09-29 10:15

reporter   ~0125954

A far better solution to this problem is detailed in 37835, please disregard this issue (apparently I cannot re-close it ??).

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