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0032546LazarusPackagespublic2021-02-20 12:03
ReporterColin Haywood Assigned ToJuha Manninen  
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Summary0032546: Incorrect behaviour and crash when moving items up and down in the list of package files
DescriptionSorry, can't find the category for the Lazarus IDE. I'm using Lazarus 1.6.4.

When editing a package in the Package Editor, if you select a file and click the "Move selected item down" button, a different file other than the one selected moves. In addition, the selection is not updated visually, so further clicks move the same item down even though it is no longer selected.

No doubt related to this apparent indexing error, clicking on the bottom file in the list and choosing "Move selected item up" will cause Lazarus to crash with an index out of range error.
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Fixed in Revisionr56058, r56068, r56082
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2017-10-14 12:01

reporter   ~0103423

Someone move this to Lazarus side of bug tracker, please.


2017-10-14 16:08

developer   ~0103425

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For files I can't replicate it on current trunk, but for required packages. Test basic package added. Try to move a required packages with minimal version info (here LCL 1 .0) gives a AV.

OldIndex:=RequiredBranch.Items.IndexOf(FSingleSelectedDep.PackageName); <-- the name doesn't match

Maybe that is the same problem with the files?!


2017-10-14 16:08

developer (1,123 bytes)

Juha Manninen

2017-10-15 11:51

developer   ~0103444

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I fixed moving the dependencies in r56058.
The files portion does not have a similar display name issue. I cannot reproduce the other problems.
In r56068 I improved updating of the view when package attributes are changed.
r56082 updates a dependent package's icon after min/max version is changed.
These will be merged to 1.8. Resolving.

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