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0032548LazarusLazReportpublic2017-11-30 14:55
ReporterAlexanderAssigned ToMartin Friebe 
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Target VersionFixed in Version1.9 (SVN) 
Summary0032548: Can't set DebugLogger in LazLogger.pas to nil
DescriptionDebugLogger := nil; occurs to AV
Steps To Reproduceuses

  newLogger: TLazLoggerFile;

  newLogger := DebugLogger; //will create new logger object with call GetDebugLogger()
  //bla bla bla
  DebugLogger := nil; //should close file and destroy current logger object
Additional Informationproblem comes with this procedure in LazLoggerBase.pas:

procedure SetDebugLogger(ALogger: TLazLogger);
  TheLazLogger := ALogger;

it's call TheLazLogger.AddReference; always, even if TheLazLogger is nil

Can be fixed with checking TheLazLogger <> nil before call AddReference:

procedure SetDebugLogger(ALogger: TLazLogger);
  TheLazLogger := ALogger;
  if TheLazLogger <> nil then
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Fixed in Revision32548
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2017-10-14 14:00

reporter   ~0103422

Someone move this to Lazarus side of bug tracker, please.

Martin Friebe

2017-11-30 14:55

manager   ~0104366

Why not calling DebugLogger.CloseFile ?

The logger (even user supplied) is destroyed in finalization of the unit.

Setting to nil makes little sense, because the next time any "debugln" is called, it will be re-created.

I "fixed" it anyway

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