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0032622LazarusPackagespublic2018-01-11 03:42
ReporterBBaz Assigned ToMartin Friebe  
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Product Version1.6.4 
Summary0032622: SynEdit TSynGutterMarks does not display all the visible images set for a line

On a new synedit, set the gutter marks part width so that several images could be displayed then add several images. Only one is shown.
Steps To ReproduceRun the project attached to this issue.
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2017-10-29 06:54


markpart.tar.gz (69,038 bytes)

Martin Friebe

2017-10-29 16:23

manager   ~0103809

I fixed a small part of it in r56234 (marked to be merged to 1.8)

There are several issues.

* 1)

The one in r56234 is that the rect would always progress to the end of available space after the first none-bookmark image. (max() vs min())

* 2)
Another issue (not yet fixed) is, that the column count (how many images fit on a line) will be calculated from the width of bookmark images.
- There is only one width for all marks, all marks must have the same width.
- If there are no bookmark images, then the column width is equal the gutter part => meaning 1 column only.

For that it is necessary to set
  ImageListEmpty.Width := 20; // or whatever the desired width is.
  SynEdit1.BookMarkOptions.BookmarkImages := ImageListEmpty;

Not yet decided, if support for variable mark-width will be added.

* 3)
img := CurMark.ImageList
img.Draw(Canvas, aRect.Left, aRect.Top, CurMark.ImageIndex, True);

Does not seem to clip the image, if the rect is smaller. (at least win32)

This means, that part of the image may be painted to the next line, and may show, depending on caret movement inside the Edit.

Current workaround: Make sure images fit on the line.


2018-01-11 03:42

reporter   ~0105653

Yeah, i see, the first column is always empty. That's nonetheless already usable.

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