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Summary0032787: IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates
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Lazarus 1.9 trunk
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Marcelo B Paula

2017-12-06 12:58

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Marcelo B Paula

2017-12-06 13:16

reporter   ~0104525

If you can contact onlinepackagermanager component maintainer Balázs Székely to clarify some doubts about translations strings:

It seems a bit confusing that he refers to "repository packages". IMHO it seems wrong.

In english, "repository package" means a package that contains repositories. Wich is completely different of "package repository" wich is my normal understanding: a repository of packages.

I suspect that my current translation is wrong because i just translated the english version to portuguese not taking in account that the english version could be wrong.


Maxim Ganetsky

2017-12-06 14:47

developer   ~0104531

"Repository package" there means "package installed from repository" as opposed to "local package".

I am not a native English speaker, but this wording looks acceptable to me.

Balázs Székely

2017-12-06 14:59

developer   ~0104532

Last edited: 2017-12-06 20:36

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Hi Marcelo,

A "repository package" is basically a zip file, stored in the central repository.
The zip usually contains multiple Lazarus packages, source file, documentation, help, etc. The whole concept was introduced to differentiate between Lazarus packages and the online meta packages aka. "repository packages".
English is not my first language, if you guys think that "repository package" is not the right expression, please rename it to whatever expression you find more appropriate. Maxim always corrects my poor English(thanks Maxim for that), so I leave this issue to him.

Marcelo B Paula

2017-12-06 15:15

reporter   ~0104534

Hello Balázs

Thanks for your answer.

I'm not english native too, so why i'm getting confused with these translations.

For me a repository is a container. It can contains a number of packages. Packages, in turn is as repository too that contains code related files, docs, etc.
So, to me, a repository can contain a number of packages on it.

Refering as a "repository package" pass the idea that there is a package with multiple repositories on it. That in turn, can contain code packages on it. If this statement is correct, translations are ok. If not, i must correct them.


Maxim Ganetsky

2017-12-06 22:46

developer   ~0104542

Last edited: 2017-12-06 22:48

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IMO "repository package" is OK. In context of Opkman it means "package contained in repository".

Marcelo, please correct your translation if you see the need and then I'll apply all translations from this report in one batch.

Marcelo B Paula

2017-12-07 00:36

reporter   ~0104545

Ok Maxim :)

You can apply these files.

I have some other corrections to do and will provide then next week or later ok!

Thanks anyway.

Maxim Ganetsky

2017-12-07 15:11

developer   ~0104566

Applied, thanks. :)

Marcelo B Paula

2017-12-08 12:43

reporter   ~0104592


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