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0033052FPCFCLpublic2018-01-29 21:38
Reporterjk987Assigned ToMichael Van Canneyt 
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PlatformOSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version3.0.2Product Build 
Target Version3.2.0Fixed in Version3.1.1 
Summary0033052: Possible bug with setting StripQuotes in TIniFile.Create
DescriptionWhen I'm looking into IniFiles unit then I can see there something like:

constructor TIniFile.Create(const AFileName: string; AOptions : TIniFileOptions = []);
  slLines: TStringList;
  FBOM := '';
  If Not (self is TMemIniFile) then
  inherited Create(AFileName,AOptions);

I suppose that the idea of "If Not (self is TMemIniFile) then StripQuotes:=True;" part was that after calling "ini := TIniFile.Create(filename);" the StripQuotes property should be automatically set to true.

But I think that the following line "inherited Create(AFileName,AOptions);" resets it to false because default options are "[]". So the whole "if self is not TMemIniFile" idea goes to nowhere.
Additional InformationI haven't investigated it too much yet.
I was only wondering why application rebuilt in upgraded Lazarus (1.6.4) behaves differently when reading quoted strings from ini-files than two years ago (Lazarus 1.6.0 / FPC 3.0.0).

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Fixed in Revision38018
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Michael Van Canneyt

2018-01-20 15:46

administrator   ~0105958

This bug was most likely introduced when an overloaded version was added to the constructor.


2018-01-29 21:22

reporter   ~0106123

I'm looking on your commit here:

And I think I've found one trap in your solution.

If anybody calls "ini := TIniFile.Create(filename, [])" then it will strip quotes even if user/programmer explicitly specified in the second parameter that he doesn't want to strip them. (Is this situation possible?)

If we admit that such situation is possible then I'm not sure how to solve it.
Perhaps two constructors:

constructor TIniFile.Create(const AFileName: string); overload;
  ifo: TIniFileoptions;
  FBOM := '';
  If Not (self is TMemIniFile) then Include(ifo, ifoStripQuotes);
  inherited Create(AFileName, ifo);
  FStream := nil;

constructor TIniFile.Create(const AFileName: string; AOptions: TIniFileoptions); overload;
  FBOM := '';
  inherited Create(AFileName, AOptions);
  FStream := nil;

But I would prefer avoiding defaults like this:
constructor Create(const AFileName: string; AOptions : TIniFileoptions = []); overload;
In this case it behaves bit weird.

But it's only my idea and I'm the only one. If you or other friends decide that my idea is silly then I'll draw back.

Michael Van Canneyt

2018-01-29 21:38

administrator   ~0106124

That is as designed.

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