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0033165FPCCompilerpublic2018-02-16 19:49
ReporterTimm Thaler Assigned ToFlorian  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.1.1 
Fixed in Version3.1.1 
Summary0033165: R1 has no valid value in ISR routine
DescriptionWhile calling a ISR in AVR controller register R1 is not pushed. R1 is taken to be ZERO, but sometimes it is not.

This code
[code=laz]procedure timer0_interrupt; alias: 'TIMER0_COMPA_ISR'; interrupt; public;
  if sseccnt >= 25000 then begin // 1 second
    sseccnt := 0;[/code]
will be compiled to
    push r26
    push r20
    push r19
    push r18
    push r0
    in r0,63
    push r0
# [25] inc(sseccnt);
    lds r20,(U_sEM_INT_ss_SSECCNT)
    lds r19,(U_sEM_INT_ss_SSECCNT+1)
    ldi r18,1
    add r20,r18
    adc r19,r1 <= here R1 = 0 is assumed
    sts (U_sEM_INT_ss_SSECCNT),r20
    sts (U_sEM_INT_ss_SSECCNT+1),r19[/code]

R1 is assumed to be zero, but if the ISR is called within a multiply part R1:R0 holds the results of the multiplication.

A word multiply somewhere in the main program gives
[code=asm]# [50] mean := (15 * mean + vval) div 16;
    lds r18,(U_sEM_DEFINE_ss_MEAN)
    lds r19,(U_sEM_DEFINE_ss_MEAN+1)
    ldi r22,15
    mov r21,r1
    movw r2,r18
    mul r2,r22
    movw r18,r0 <= from here R1:R0 holds the return of the mul
    mul r3,r22
    add r19,r0
    mul r2,r21
    add r19,r0
    clr r1 <= here R1 is ZERO again
    mov r2,r19
    mov r21,r1

So of the ISR is called within mul and clr R1, R1 may have any other value than ZERO.
Steps To Reproducedoing a word calculation in an ISR that uses R1, or zeroing a variable
doing a lot of word multiplies in main program which uses mul instruction
=> the word calculation in the ISR will went wrong
Additional InformationFPC 3.1.1
Compiler options -O2 or -O3, others I didn't try

Bugfix: If R1 is used in ISR, push R1, clr R1 at entry, pop R1 at return of ISR.
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Fixed in Revision38233
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Timm Thaler

2018-02-13 23:22

reporter   ~0106378

I am running FPC 3.1.1, SVN-Revision 57250, dated 2018-02-04 at Lazarus 1.9.0. and it is not fixed there.


2018-02-13 23:27

administrator   ~0106379

> FPC 3.1.1, SVN-Revision 57250

Very unlikely, FPC is currently at svn revision 38235, I guess you are confusing it with the lazarus svn version.

Timm Thaler

2018-02-14 00:09

reporter   ~0106380

Got it.

Sorry to bother You: Shouldn't be the clr after saving the S-Reg cause clr changes the S-Reg? (

    push r1
    push r0
    clr r1
    in r0,63
    push r0

should be

    push r1
    push r0
    in r0,63
    push r0
    clr r1


2018-02-16 19:49

administrator   ~0106405

Thanks, also fixed.

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