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0033376LazarusPackagespublic2018-03-08 17:28
ReporterStephanoAssigned ToMichael Van Canneyt 
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PlatformOSubuntuOS Version16.04
Product Version1.9 (SVN)Product Build 
Target VersionFixed in Version1.9 (SVN) 
Summary0033376: FPReport designer: Font issues part 2
Description- Create new report
The font name in the name property is LiberationSans
- Click the the Font ellipsis (...)
Bug no 1: The fontname will be shown as Sans, and the size 10. It seems the fontname, size, and style in the font dialogue are not initialized, and always defaults to Sans/10/regular. This causes errors when children's font is changed.

- Change the font to TimesNewRoman/12/italic
- Set color to clred
- Place a report title band
Bug no 2: Its font properties (not font dialogue) will be shown as LiberationSans/10/black

More to come once these are resolved.
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Fixed in Revision57469
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Michael Van Canneyt

2018-03-08 11:48

administrator   ~0106989

I cannot reproduce this.

I assume you are on windows ?

The problem is then most likely that Windows does not know this font, and therefor substitutes a default font.

I work on Linux, where liberation sans is installed.

So, my first suggestion is that you install liberation sans.

(if correct, it just means that the idea of a default font name with fallback should be implemented...)


2018-03-08 12:02

developer   ~0106990

I should have specified Ubuntu 16.04. My bad!
LiberationSans is present, and this has been the default font since I started working on fpreport.
1- If you press on (...) on a memo's font property to get the font dialogue, do you get Sans or LiberationSans?
2- If you change the font in the font dialogue, press ok, and reopen the dialogue again, is the font updated?


2018-03-08 12:23

developer   ~0106992

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More on that: Choosing "Ubuntu", monospace fonts show in the font dialogue and sticks.
Makes me wonder why LiberationSans, "Ubuntu Mono", "Ubuntu Condensed" don't stick.


2018-03-08 12:36

developer   ~0106993

I see a trend where fonts that fail have names consisting of more than one word, or belong to a family which has fonts names with more than one word.
I tested the font dialogue in Lazarus IDE (OI), and this problem is not there.


2018-03-08 13:05

developer   ~0106994

I got to the cause!
The TFPReportFontName is set to 'LiberationSans' whereas the font dialogue returns the font name as 'Liberation Sans'. Note the space!
Then the following line assigns the font correctly: R.Name:=FontNameToPostScriptName(FontDialog.Font.Name);
So what is needed is a reverse assignment (PostScriptNameToFontName) when setting the font dialogue font name.


2018-03-08 13:15

developer   ~0106995

Function PostScriptNameToFontName(N : String) : String;

  F : TFPFontCacheItem;

  if (N='default') then
  if Assigned(F) then

and in procedure TReportFontPropertyEditor.Edit:
    FontDialog.Font.Name := PostScriptNameToFontName(R.Name);

Michael Van Canneyt

2018-03-08 17:12

administrator   ~0107010

Fixed, thanks for the solution !!

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