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0033689FPCPackagespublic2018-05-09 11:11
ReporterStephanoAssigned ToMichael Van Canneyt 
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Target Version3.2.0Fixed in Version3.1.1 
Summary0033689: fpreport: Report with empty Page.Data causes a SIGSEGV
Description- Load the attached report
- Preview
Preview is ok
- Change Page1.Data to blank
- Preview

The exception seems to be related to the presence of aggregate variables.
Why is Page.Data needed anyway?
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Fixed in Revision38906
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2018-05-04 08:35


EmployeeAggregates.json (27,617 bytes)

Michael Van Canneyt

2018-05-05 14:04

administrator   ~0108148

I have re-interpreted Page.Data :

Per report page, the engine will now determine the main data loop.
This is the first data band's data loop, if the data band has no master.
This will be used to render the bands on a page.
(the logic for subdetails remains unchanged)

This means page data no longer needs to be set: Page.Data can be Nil.

But, if it is set, and it is different from the main data loop on the page,
the page (and any loops on it) is rendered for each record in the loop.

If the main data loop equals the page data loop, the logic is as if the Page.Data is nil (for backwards compatibility)

Michael Van Canneyt

2018-05-05 14:16


pagedatademo.json (30,561 bytes)

Michael Van Canneyt

2018-05-05 14:17

administrator   ~0108149

Attached a demo.

Note that the report title/summary are printed each time a page is rendered, this is as designed (and compatible to FastReport)


2018-05-09 11:11

developer   ~0108209

The SIGSEGV is no more, but other bugs popped up. I will open corresponding bug reports.
Also better not allow Page.Data to be the same as the master data band data, even in the name of backward compatibility. Let the designer popup an error.

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