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0033960FPCDocumentationpublic2018-07-14 15:54
ReporterThaddy de KoningAssigned ToMichael Van Canneyt 
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Product Version3.1.1Product Build39423 
Target Version3.2.0Fixed in Version3.1.1 
Summary0033960: generics chapter 8.8 "A word about scope" needs maybe a remark about accessing members of T that are not yet specialized.
Descriptionrelated to 0033700

Given the following code:

  generic TLstEnumerator<T> = record
    lst, lst_save: T;
    constructor Create(const Value: T);
    function GetEnumerator: specialize TLstEnumerator<T>;
    function MoveNext: boolean;
    property Current: T read lst;

constructor TLstEnumerator.Create(const Value: T);
  lst := Value;
  lst_save := nil;

function TLstEnumerator.GetEnumerator: specialize TLstEnumerator<T>;
  Result := Self;

function TLstEnumerator.MoveNext: boolean;
  if lst <> nil then
    // At this point it is simply not known that lst is a type that has
    // a field called next. So the compiler throws an illegal qualifier.
    // The compiler is correct. This is not a bug! lst is not in scope here.
    Result := True;
  end else Result := False;

Here the programmer knows that T has a specific member, but the compiler can not know that at that point. It has not enough context within that scope to resolve T fully.
Steps To ReproduceCompile my files attached to 0033700
- mode delphi
- mode objfpc

Note Delphi barks even more but essentially also does not accept such code.
Additional InformationIt is simply not clear to OP from 0033700 that lst^.next is not specialized at all at that point. That needs maybe some clarification in the documentation.

I filed it as a separate bug report because I feel it belongs to documentation.
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Fixed in Revision1493
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related to 0033700 resolvedMichael Van Canneyt Generics. Does not compile. 
related to 0033961 resolvedFlorian generics accept a comparison of an unspecialized T to (pointer) nil. 


Thaddy de Koning

2018-07-10 10:31

reporter   ~0109332

Last edited: 2018-07-10 10:38

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Note that this is maybe already implied by the first sentence and the last few remarks of the 8.8 chapter and section, but it maybe can be a bit clearer.
I specifically reduced the code to the bare minimum. The rest of 0033700 is very cloudy and becomes ever more confusing at first glance.

Also note that a constraints mechanism would resolve this, but in this case constraints are not available (nor do they exist for this situation).
A constraint would provide the necessary context. As can be done with classes.

Thaddy de Koning

2018-07-10 10:51

reporter   ~0109333

Note there is another possible bug here.
  if lst <> nil then

lst is of type T. Type T need not be a pointer type. Same confusion though.

Separate report?

Michael Van Canneyt

2018-07-10 11:34

administrator   ~0109336

I have explained in detail in the docs why example in the related bug report does not work, I also show how it can be fixed using classes and type restrictions.

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