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0034110LazarusIDEpublic2018-08-11 16:42
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Product Version1.8.4 
Summary0034110: GIT Integration in Lazarus IDE
DescriptionProposed for the GUT Integration for Lazarus IDE

1. Prerequisites
verify Git is installed

OS: git --version

if Git is installed enter Git mode for Project Inspector.
in Git mode Project Inspector would initially show on mouse right click a new section Git with initial option:
- initialize

2. Initialization
user can initialize folder in which project file is located as Git repo
OS: git init.

after git init a hidden folder would be created.

3. Using the Git integration

operations to be supported while in Git mode:
- add file to Git repo aka track file
- remove file from Git repo (but leave file as part of Pascal project)
- change branch (IDE would need to silently reopen project folder)
- commit
- open default terminal at Git repo path
- open default file manager at Git repo path
4. UI changes:
- tracked files (files added to the Git repo would have an icon signalizing they were added to the Git repo)
- pop-up menu on mouse right click showing Git actions
- pop up for commit message

Unsupported features for now
a. change of Git email and user name - to be done from CLI
b. create tag
c. navigate through Git changes
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