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0034249LazarusLCLpublic2018-09-20 17:07
Reporterbald zhang Assigned Towp  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.9 (SVN) 
Summary0034249: ItemHeight shrinked after first shown when TListBox.Style is OwnerDrawFixed
Descriptionfound this issue in 0034223
make a test program and reproduced, 1.8.4 and trunk version is the same.

Windows 10, 4k display, 192dpi

Form2 is created only once, ShowModal when Form1.Button1 click
the first time, ListBox drawing good, ItemHeight is (31)
then became to (20) everytime it shown.

because I run 1.8.4 with environment: __COMPAT_LAYER = "GdiDPIScaling DPIUnaware"
always got 96dpi, so not met this in PathEditor

another smaller problem: Form's Left and Top not scaled, at design-time(96dpi) they are (+300+200, Form1), at run-time(192dpi), should be (+600+400) but not.
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Fixed in Revisionr59094
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related to 0034223 closedJuha Manninen PathEditor: bad align in 192dpi 


bald zhang

2018-09-11 02:06


listbox-itemheight-half-sized.png (113,388 bytes)   
listbox-itemheight-half-sized.png (113,388 bytes)   

bald zhang

2018-09-11 02:06


listbox-drawfixed.7z (61,573 bytes)

Juha Manninen

2018-09-11 11:10

developer   ~0110645

Lazarus trunk 1.9 has improved HiDPI support. Thus it is important to test with it and fix it there. I changed the product version to 1.9 and target to 1.10.

Juha Manninen

2018-09-11 11:19

developer   ~0110647

Does it work correctly if Style <> OwnerDrawFixed?
I spotted code made by Paul Ishenin at 2010:

function TCustomListBox.CalculateStandardItemHeight: Integer;
  B: TBitmap;
  // Paul: This will happen only once if Style = lbStandard then CheckListBox is
  // OwnerDrawFixed in real (under windows). Handle is not allocated and we
  // can not use Canvas since it will cause recursion but we need correct font height
  B := TBitmap.Create;
    B.Canvas.Font := Font;
    Result := B.Canvas.TextHeight('Fj');

I am not planning to study the issue more as my development OS is not Windows.

bald zhang

2018-09-13 04:24

reporter   ~0110712

ok, I'll try...


2018-09-14 09:47

developer   ~0110732

I think the form's Top/Left coordinates are not scaled intentionally because if the same monitor is switched from normal resolution to high resolution then the form might move out of the screen.

Calling CalculateStandardItemHeight in TCustomListbox.LMMeasureItem instead of Canvas.TextHeight('Hg') resolves the issue. But because you mention that this is a Windows-only issue I feel that it should be fixed within the widget-set code.

I wonder why Paul added this function, but it has never been called.


2018-09-14 12:13

developer   ~0110740

Last edited: 2018-09-14 13:12

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There's a related issue, it happens with every TListbox with style lbOwnerDrawFixed even when opened for the first time, in Windows and in Linux: Change the font height to something large, such as 24, and the items will be truncated in height even if ItemHeight is 0 (which means "automatic detection of item height"). Delphi does not have this issue because they don't allow ItemHeight to be 0.

Please test this code (in lcl/include/, it fixes both your and my issue:

procedure TCustomListBox.LMMeasureItem(var TheMessage: TLMMeasureItem);
  AHeight: Integer;
  with TheMessage.MeasureItemStruct^ do
    if Self.ItemHeight <> 0 then
      AHeight := Self.ItemHeight
      AHeight := CalculateStandardItemHeight;
      // replaces: AHeight := Canvas.TextHeight('Hg');

    MeasureItem(Integer(ItemId), AHeight);
    if AHeight > 0 then
      ItemHeight := AHeight;

bald zhang

2018-09-14 16:46

reporter   ~0110749

after change to GetTextExtentPoint, test app is good now.

in my research, Canvas.TextHeight('Hg') return valid number *only* first time, then it return 0 always.
win32 api GetTextExtentPoint() return false, but no error code found.

Canvas.Handle is different between here and code in Form2, I have no knowledge about this...

bald zhang

2018-09-17 06:54

reporter   ~0110820

linux/qt5 is ok with this change.

form's Top/Left is not a issue to me, only notice that when make this test case.


2018-09-18 01:12

developer   ~0110844

> linux/qt5 is ok with this change.

Are you talking of the "GetTextExtentPoint" change?

bald zhang

2018-09-18 07:21

reporter   ~0110845

> Are you talking of the "GetTextExtentPoint" change?

yes, if no other problem, I think we can close it.

> form's Top/Left issue

as my opinion, we could ignore it. if bother somebody else, then we open another report.


2018-09-18 09:40

developer   ~0110846

Last edited: 2018-09-18 11:38

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>> Are you talking of the "GetTextExtentPoint" change?
> yes, if no other problem, I think we can close it.

I am not happy with it because
- we fix here a widgetset-related issue by global code. Who knows that we don't break widgetset XYZ here?
- Canvas.TextHeight does not work although it essentially calls GetTextExtentPoint which does work


2018-09-18 12:01

developer   ~0110847

I think now I found the issue: TCustomListbox uses a TControlCanvas, but does not destroy the canvas handle when its DestroyWnd is called. This happens when the form is closed. When the same form is opened for a second time the listbox handle is recreated but the canvas handle is not. Therefore Canvas.TextHeight does not return a valid result; that GetTextExtentPoint returns a valid result appears to me very fragile.

The other bug is that immediately after handle creation the listbox canvas does not yet have the correct font. Therefore, Canvas.TextHeight returns an incorrect height if the font has been changed from default.

Before I commit the new version I'd ask you to test the patch "customlistbox.patch".


2018-09-18 12:02


customlistbox.patch (1,438 bytes)   
Index: lcl/include/
--- lcl/include/	(revision 59050)
+++ lcl/include/	(working copy)
@@ -128,6 +128,12 @@
+procedure TCustomListbox.DestroyWnd;
+  if FCanvas <> nil then TControlCanvas(FCanvas).FreeHandle;
+  inherited;
  procedure TCustomListBox.FinalizeWnd
@@ -296,9 +302,10 @@
     if Self.ItemHeight <> 0 then
       AHeight := Self.ItemHeight
-    else
+    else begin
+      Canvas.Font := Font;
       AHeight := Canvas.TextHeight('Hg');
+    end;
     MeasureItem(Integer(ItemId), AHeight);
     if AHeight > 0 then
       ItemHeight := AHeight;
Index: lcl/stdctrls.pp
--- lcl/stdctrls.pp	(revision 59050)
+++ lcl/stdctrls.pp	(working copy)
@@ -548,6 +548,7 @@
     function CalculateStandardItemHeight: Integer;
     procedure CreateParams(var Params: TCreateParams); override;
     procedure InitializeWnd; override;
+    procedure DestroyWnd; override;
     procedure FinalizeWnd; override;
     class function GetControlClassDefaultSize: TSize; override;
     procedure CheckIndex(const AIndex: Integer);
customlistbox.patch (1,438 bytes)   

bald zhang

2018-09-18 12:32

reporter   ~0110848

> after change to GetTextExtentPoint, test app is good now.

this post I sent days ago is a typo, "GetTextExtentPoint" should be "CalculateStandardItemHeight" because first time my post was fail, the second time when I editing, I type a wrong name.

sorry about that.

> I am not happy with it because...


> Before I commit the new version I'd ask you to test the patch "customlistbox.patch".

I will test it and give you a feedback.

bald zhang

2018-09-20 10:33

reporter   ~0110895

patch tested.

Win10, 4k, 192dpi - passed.
Linux/qt5, 4k, 192dpi - passed.

anything else to be tested?


2018-09-20 12:58

developer   ~0110896

Applied, thanks for testing. Close if OK.

Note: Fix will be included in v2.0RC2.

bald zhang

2018-09-20 17:07

reporter   ~0110900

base my test, it's ok now.

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