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0034420FPCFCLpublic2018-11-03 23:56
ReporterAlexey Tor.Assigned ToMichael Van Canneyt 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.0.4Product Build 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.3.1 
Summary0034420: More memory efficient TDeque.IncreaseCapacity
Descriptionin fcl-stl gdeque:

procedure TDeque.IncreaseCapacity;inline;
  if(FCapacity=0) then
  SetLength(FData, FCapacity);

in fcl-stl gvector:

procedure TVector.IncreaseCapacity();
  if FCapacity=0 then
  SetLength(FData, FCapacity);

1) replace simple size*=2 logic with logic.,42852.msg299435.html#msg299435

it increases size by fixed size steps, when data size is huge. It must be not exponential grow (size*=2) for big sizes.
2) 1st step here changed to 4, coz >2 items in deque is often.
3) remove "inline" in both funcs, they will be more complex.
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Fixed in Revision40214
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Alexey Tor.

2018-10-15 16:31

reporter   ~0111410

I mean, it is exponential grow in any case, but for big sizes, power of function in made smaller, from 2.0 to 9/8, then to 17/16.

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