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0034448LazarusIDEpublic2021-05-15 20:29
ReporterBart Broersma Assigned ToMattias Gaertner  
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Product Version2.1 (SVN) 
Summary0034448: Erroneous CodeTools error when typing a floating point value
DescriptionIf you have Identifier completions set up to invoke itself automatically after typing a dot, CodeTools will give an error if you type a floating point value (and wait a bit after typing the decimalseparator).

Codetools, Errors: 1
test.pas(4,9) Error: illegal qualifier . found
Steps To Reproducevar
  d: double;
  d := 1|

| marks the caret position.
Type a period and wait a little.
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has duplicate 0038892 resolvedBart Broersma Code completion box pop up when type in float number 


Bart Broersma

2018-11-01 22:00

developer   ~0111733

Possibly related: an error also occurs when you type the period after the last end of a program.

Bart Broersma

2019-09-27 16:55

developer   ~0118176

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The exception is raised in (nested) procedure ResolvePoint, appr. line 9695 in finddeclarationtool.pas unit.
At this time ExprType.Context.Node=nil and ExprType.Desc=xtNone
(This is the case for the error raised as in the example).

Typing a dot after the closing "end" of a unit or program gives "Error: cursor pos outside of code".
This exception is raised in TPascalParserTool.BuildTreeAndGetCleanPos, appr. line 2064:
  // find the CursorPos in cleaned source
  Dummy:=CaretToCleanPos(CursorPos, CleanCursorPos);
  if (Dummy<>0) and (Dummy<>-1) then begin

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