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0034650LazarusIDEpublic2019-03-18 09:28
ReporterGrant Kim Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version2.0RC2 
Summary0034650: Part of UI covered by a taskbar when it maximized
DescriptionMaximize Lazarus UI will be covered by the taskbar if it sets in vertical or top of the screen on Windows.
Steps To Reproduce1. Place windows taskbar in vertical or top
2. Maximize Lazarus IDE
3. Part of the window will be covered by the taskbar
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related to 0010227 resolvedOndrej Pokorny Top of Lazarus interface covered by taskbar 
related to 0014433 resolvedOndrej Pokorny IDE designer windows hidden under left-aligned taskbar 


Grant Kim

2018-12-05 14:31


left.png (76,528 bytes)   
left.png (76,528 bytes)   

Pascal Riekenberg

2018-12-05 19:56

developer   ~0112370

Trunk with anchordocking works as expected in 1809

Martin Friebe

2019-03-17 19:48

manager   ~0114902

To make matters worse, if the taskbar is on top, then the minimize/restore buttons are not reachable.

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