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0035081FPCFCLpublic2020-08-02 16:00
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Summary0035081: FCL-image, FPreadTIFF cant read RGB32 and FPwriteTIFF can't write Gray8 or Gray16
Description1) The reader FPreadTIFF reads correctly RGB24, RGB48, RGB64 formats but fails to read correctly RGB32. See attached files.

2) For FPwriteTIFF, I can force monchrome images as follows:




Looking into the code this looks like a bug.
See also my posting:,44257.0.html
Steps To ReproduceFor 1) try attached files.
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Fixed in Revision41802
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2019-02-14 00:24


tif test (461,291 bytes)


2019-02-14 00:26

reporter   ~0114096

Correction problem 2 is CAN NOT:
2) For FPwriteTIFF, I can't force monchrome images as follows:


2019-02-15 12:49

reporter   ~0114140

I think this is solved in latest version of FPReadTiff (cf 0033668).


2019-02-21 20:03

reporter   ~0114339

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I tried to compile the latest code.

Problem 1) reading RGB32 is solved.
Problem 2) writing Gray16 is still there. It can't write Gray16/Gray8. It always write the three colors.

Michael Van Canneyt

2019-03-26 23:27

administrator   ~0115071

in rev 41802 I enhanced the imgconv example program. It shows how to correctly specify the options to do grayscale.

You used
When you should use unit fptiffcmn and use the CONSTANTS
You will see that TiffPhotoMetric expands to 'TiffPhotoMetricInterpretation'. So because you wrote your value with the wrong name, the grayscaling was in fact not done.


2020-08-02 16:00

reporter   ~0124501


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