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0035374LazarusTAChartpublic2019-04-13 23:47
ReporterMarcin Wiazowski Assigned Towp  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.1 (SVN) 
Target Version2.2 
Summary0035374: TAChart: some data formatting issue in TListChartSource
DescriptionThere is some issue with converting data points to LFM stream in TListChartSource.

Let's load the attached Reproduce application in IDE - it contains RandomChartSource1 and ListChartSource1 on the form. Now:
- select RandomChartSource1 and set XMax to 0.3,
- select ListChartSource1, launch DataPoints editor and set X value to 0.3.

Now save the project and look into the LFM file:
- both XMax and X values are declared as Double in source files,
- both have been set to 0.3
- but, in the LFM file, we have:

  object RandomChartSource1: TRandomChartSource
    XMax = 0.3
  object ListChartSource1: TListChartSource
    DataPoints.Strings = (

So the same entered value - i.e. 0.3 - was saved as:
- '0.3' string, when conversion has been performed by IDE itself,
- '0.29999999999999999' string, when conversion has been performed by TListChartSource.

If we now open DataPoints editor, we can see '0.29999999999999999' there, which is quite ugly...

Short investigation shows, that IDE - when converting Double values to LFM stream (i.e. to string) - uses LResources.pp unit -> LRSObjectBinaryToText() -> ProcessValue(), where the following code is called:

  vaExtended: begin

So, to convert floating point variable to string, simple FloatToStr() call is made (however, default format settings are prepared earlier).

On the contrary, TListChartSource calls its TListChartSourceStrings.Get() -> NumberStr(), where we can find:

  function NumberStr(AValue: Double): String;
    if IsNaN(AValue) then
      Result := '|'
      Result := Format('%g|', [AValue], DefSeparatorSettings);

So, in this case, Format('%g') is called. This explains the difference between IDE and TListChartSource.

Now some interesting observation: both '0.3' and '0.29999999999999999' strings map to the same Double value:

  procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
    D1, D2: Double;
    D1 := StrToFloat('0.3');
    D2 := StrToFloat('0.29999999999999999');
    if D1 = D2 then
      Caption := 'equal'
      Caption := 'NOT equal';

This is due to limited floating point precision. So it's better to write just '0.3' to the stream also in TListChartSource's case - which will be both coherent with IDE and also what the user entered. And the precision will not be altered. The attached patch implements this.
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Fixed in Revision60961
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Marcin Wiazowski

2019-04-13 17:51

reporter (1,929 bytes)

Marcin Wiazowski

2019-04-13 17:51


patch.diff (517 bytes)   
Index: components/tachart/tasources.pas
--- components/tachart/tasources.pas	(revision 60960)
+++ components/tachart/tasources.pas	(working copy)
@@ -319,7 +319,8 @@
     if IsNaN(AValue) then
       Result := '|'
-      Result := Format('%g|', [AValue], DefSeparatorSettings);
+      // call FloatToStr() to make the conversion exactly same as IDE does
+      Result := FloatToStr(AValue, DefSeparatorSettings) + '|';
patch.diff (517 bytes)   


2019-04-13 22:07

developer   ~0115483

Thank you - this fixes one of the major annoyances with the datapoint editor.

Marcin Wiazowski

2019-04-13 23:47

reporter   ~0115485

Fixed, thanks!

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