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0035620LazarusIDEpublic2019-05-22 16:42
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Product Version2.1 (SVN) 
Summary0035620: IDE, not adjust Left position of the Forms when work with two screen
DescriptionI work with two monitors, a is a notebook screen 15,5" and other is a monitor 23" connected in notebook.
I create two desktops, a is a "notebook" and othe as "Monitor".
When i'm in my job i use the two. and i set my primary like the monitor, but when i go to my home i take away the notebook.

When i open my projects in lazarus only in notebook and chose my "notebook" desktop, the IDE adjust your position to notebook but my TForms no adjust automatic. He stay with position of the Monitor ex: Left = 3000 top = 500.
Steps To Reproduce0 - Connect a secundary monitor in a notebook the monitor have size bigger then a screen of the notebook.
2 - Create two desktops, a to monitor and other to notebook screen, drag the IDE to Monitor and adjust your IDE e save.
3 - Create a project compile and save. Close the IDE.
4 -Disconect the monitor and open your IDE and select default Desktop
5 - Open the previously project, you can see than the main form not show in your screen, unless you adjust the LEFT position manualy
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