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0035822LazarusIDEpublic2019-07-11 21:28
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PlatformLinux x86_64OSArchOS Version3.17.4-1
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Summary0035822: Lazarus always creates zero size pascal sources when it tries to get necessary info from the FPC compiler, please correct this.
DescriptionI'm trying to see how well recently introduced psabieh exception handling would work in the FPC trunk, but due to other bugs it will be impossible to use Lazarus IDE to locate and fix them. When psabieh exception handling is enabled, feeding (empty) zero size pascal source file would cause endless loop in the psabieh exception handling routines and this will make Lazarus IDE hang because it will be waiting results from the compiler.

It would be nice if Lazarus IDE would feed some resemblance of correct structure of pascal source to the compiler.
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related to 0035751 new FPC make all fails when building Linux/i386 with psabieh 



2019-07-10 20:31

reporter   ~0117143

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Related bug report : 0035751

Mattias Gaertner

2019-07-11 07:58

manager   ~0117164

An endless loop is a bug in the compiler, isn't it?


2019-07-11 09:20

reporter   ~0117170


Mattias Gaertner

2019-07-11 09:32

manager   ~0117171

Then this bug should be moved to fpc.


2019-07-11 09:46

reporter   ~0117173

No. I'm trying to fix this and Lazarus IDE isn't helping on this. By creating zero size file for those files, Lazarus gives a headache for me because it will wait forever completion of FPC trunk compiler.

I would be happy get some pointer where to look so I can patch Lazarus IDE myself.

Mattias Gaertner

2019-07-11 10:15

manager   ~0117174

Do you mean you want to add some timeout in the test? How many seconds should that be?

Lazarus asks for the initial values of the compiler, *before* parsing anything. So the test file is on purpose as empty as possible. The compiler should stop on the test file as soon as possible.


2019-07-11 11:25

reporter   ~0117176

Yes, timeout (after 5s) would be a solution too.

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