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Summary0035826: Form Activate Not Visible, Mouse Up Event not firing, slow graphics.
DescriptionAttached is a simple program; to demonstrate a few issues.

The application runs some code during the form create;show and activate events; which will take a few seconds per event.
It has a cocoa and carbon build option for easy switching; make sure you create the application bundle for proper test.

COmpile for carbon; and run from the IDE, all seems OK, and you can drag a button around.
Note that the ACTIVATE window appears and counts to 100.

Now compile for cocoa.
If RUN from the IDE, you will see the ACTIVATE event count up to 100.
NOW run the APP from the APP Bundle, you will have to wait longer for the form to show; but it does count; it appears after activate has finished.

Also try dragging and dropping any of the buttons; the screen keeps a count of the time the Mouse Down and Mouse Up, Mouse Move events are fired; you will see that in cocoa it is a lot more 'jerky' and the mouse up event is not fired to remove the drag panel.

Sometimes when compiled for cocoa but not always the poistion of the panels are changed.

Using LAZ 2.1 SVN 61504 X86-64-darwin-cocoa, FPC 3.3.1

Addition I have tried latest SVN upto 9 July 2019.
Steps To ReproduceBuild the attached application; that contains, Tpanel,tlabel,and tbutton.
Make sure that you create the application bundle.
Under Carbon, the application is visible during the Activate event; both when run from IDE and the APP Bundle.
Now build for Cocoa, if run from IDE it works as it should, if run from the app bundle then the form is only visible after the activate event is finished.

The app allows you to drag a button; again this works fine in carbon, and you can see the mouse down and up events fire count increasing; under cocoa this is not the case the mouse up is rarely fired.

You will also note under cocoa how 'jerky' the dragged panel is.
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