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0035832LazarusCompilerpublic2019-07-11 23:10
ReporterqmeAssigned ToMattias Gaertner 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.0.3 (SVN)Product Build 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0035832: lazbuild doesn't work properly after revision 61467
Descriptioncalling lazbuild from command line to compile a project file in current directory doesn't work anymore.

from directory: x:\myprojects\test1\
following command fails: lazbuild project1.lpi

you have to pass complete path to make it work: lazbuild x:\myprojects\test1\project1.lpi

it worked before revision 61467.
Steps To Reproducecall lazbuild from command line passing a project file name (.lpi) without path.
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Fixed in Revision61573.
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2019-07-11 23:02

reporter   ~0117193

command line prompt output:

d:\freepascal\projects\test>\freepascal\laz\trunk\lazbuild.exe --build-all --build-mode="*" --pcp=\freepascal\pcp project1.lpi
SetPrimaryConfigPath NewValue="\freepascal\pcp" -> "d:\freepascal\pcp"
TLazBuildApplication.BuildFile project1.lpi
Error: (lazbuild) file not found: project1.lpi

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