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0035849FPCCompilerpublic2019-07-20 22:19
ReporterKai BurghardtAssigned ToJonas Maebe 
Status resolvedResolutionduplicate 
Platformx86_64OSGNU/LinuxOS Version4.2
Product Version3.0.4Product Build3.0.4+dfsg-11 [2017/12/30] 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0035849: huge enumeration type definitions (i. e. sizeOf > 4) silently fails
DescriptionOne can define enumeration type elements that are not storeable.
Steps To Reproduceprogram bigEnum(input, output, stderr);
    enum: (null = 0, semimax = high(longWord), max = high(qWord));
    enum := max;
    writeLn(enum); // erroneously prints "semimax"
Additional InformationThe {$packEnum} directive only allows enumeration types up to and including 4 bytes. Maybe this needs an update?
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duplicate of 0034633 resolvedFlorian wrong enumsize if large maxvalue 



2019-07-14 18:54

reporter   ~0117260

There is an upper limit (high(longint)), see

Kai Burghardt

2019-07-14 23:01

reporter   ~0117262

Thank you. I didn’t find your issue, because I searched for issues containing “enumeration” paired with various terms (e. g. “size”, “max”, etc.)

Mark as duplicate of 0034633 and close.

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