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0035929LazarusLCLpublic2019-08-10 20:10
ReporterBlakeAssigned ToDmitry Boyarintsev 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformOSmacOSOS Version10.14.6
Product Version2.0.3 (SVN)Product Build61618 
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Summary0035929: TMenuItem.OnClick is not called from a submenu, if TPopupMenu.PopUp occurs during a modal dialog
DescriptionWhen showing a popup menu during a modal dialog, the OnClick event is not called for any sub-menu TMenuItem.
If the exact same procedure occurs without any modal dialog (ie just from a normal floating window), then the OnClick event is called properly.
This appears to be a bug in cocoa. It was working fine in carbon.
Steps To Reproduce1. make a form and call form.ShowModal
2. create TPopupMenu, and add some items with OnClick event assigned
3. add sub-menu items with OnClick event assigned
4. TPopMenu.popup
5. click on any submenu items, and the OnClick event is not called

Do the same steps but call form.Show in step 1, and the submenus work ok.
See attached demonstration project.
Additional InformationPerhaps related:
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Fixed in Revision61674
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2019-08-04 20:52

reporter (113,878 bytes)


2019-08-04 23:22

reporter   ~0117567

When a submenu item OnClick fails to be called (because modal dialog is active), the item's parent DoClicked > Click is called instead.


procedure TMenuItem.DoClicked(var msg);


2019-08-07 05:53

reporter   ~0117585

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Suggested fix in cocoawsmenus.pas (small section "find the sub->sub->sub... highlighted item"):

class procedure TCocoaWSPopupMenu.Popup(const APopupMenu: TPopupMenu; const X,
  Y: Integer);
  res : Boolean;
  mnu : NSMenuItem;
  view : NSView;
  w : NSWindow;
  px, py: Integer;
  if Assigned(APopupMenu) and (APopupMenu.Handle<>0) then
    // old method which doesn't consider position but supports 10.0+ (useless since we target 10.6+)
    if Assigned(w) then
      NSMenu.popUpContextMenu_withEvent_forView( TCocoaMenu(APopupMenu.Handle),
        NSApp.currentEvent, NSView(w.contentView));

    // New method for 10.6+
    px := x;
    py := y;
    view := nil;
    w :=NSApp.keyWindow;
    if Assigned(w) then
      view := w.contentView;
      if Assigned(view) then
        view.lclScreenToLocal(px, py);
        py := Round(view.frame.size.height - py);
    res := TCocoaMenu(APopupMenu.Handle).popUpMenuPositioningItem_atLocation_inView(
      nil, NSMakePoint(px, py), view);

    // for whatever reason a context menu will not fire the "action"
    // of the specified target. Thus we're doing it here manually. :(
    // It seems a typical behaviour for all versions of macOS
    // todo: find out why. (calling runModalSession makes no difference)
    if Assigned(CocoaWidgetSet.Modals) and (CocoaWidgetSet.Modals.Count>0) then
      mnu := TCocoaMenu(APopupMenu.Handle).highlightedItem;

      // find the sub->sub->sub... highlighted item
     while (mnu.submenu <> nil) and (mnu.submenu.highlightedItem <> nil) do
       mnu := mnu.submenu.highlightedItem;

      if res and Assigned(mnu) then
        if mnu.respondsToSelector(ObjCSelector('lclItemSelected:')) then

    APopupMenu.Close; // notify LCL popup menu

Dmitry Boyarintsev

2019-08-09 03:32

developer   ~0117597

please test and close if ok


2019-08-10 07:50

reporter   ~0117618

Tested with 61676 and it works great, thanks!

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