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0035967LazarusWidgetsetpublic2019-08-23 16:16
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Summary0035967: TMemo.TextHint don't work on Win32
Descriptionsubj. It works ok on Linux, but TextHint is always hidden on win32. Whether control focused or not focused.
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jamie philbrook

2019-08-15 22:58

reporter   ~0117692

Works here with 2.0.4 Lazarus.

CudaText man

2019-08-18 12:39

reporter   ~0117724

I tested r61720 on two PCs. win10.

Serge Anvarov

2019-08-21 00:20

reporter   ~0117755

In Win32, the TextHint property has built-in support, but not for multiline edit (TMemo):

jamie philbrook

2019-08-21 01:50

reporter   ~0117757

@Serge Anvarov
   Those are CUE BANNERS, they are not the same as HintText. Although they kind of work the same way in general.

   He asked for Hint TExt, it works on my end, he claims it does not for a memo

   I also just tested it on my old W2K using Delphi, it works there, too.

 So maybe he should clarify his statement a little more.

CudaText man

2019-08-22 11:34

reporter   ~0117781

I wrote about TextHint property

Bart Broersma

2019-08-22 22:18

developer   ~0117785

I'm not sure wether this is by design or not.
On Windows TextHint is set by the WS, which AFAIK does not support that for a memo?

Dmitry Boyarintsev

2019-08-22 22:59

developer   ~0117786

Last edited: 2019-08-22 22:59

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@jamie philbrook
do you have a screen shot of working TextHint for TMemo on Windows?

as Serge Anvarov states the TextHint is not supported for TMemo by WinAPI.

jamie philbrook

2019-08-23 00:26

reporter   ~0117787

The issue here is it's improperly named, it should of been named "CueBanner" which is what it is..

  I was using the published Hint and of course that works. But this TextHint isn't published in Tmemo, at least its not on my system and most likely for good reason.
 Texthint (CueBanner) Works only in non-multiline Edit controls and if you use a TEDIT the property is published and it does work.

 I don't know what to tell you, ether don't worry about it and wait for windows to support it or emulate it ?

Serge Anvarov

2019-08-23 16:16

reporter   ~0117798

I don't see a good solution other than {$IFDEF WINDOWS} to use withing some methods.

In your program you can do so:
//...uses ..., LCLType,...
  TMemo = class(StdCtrls.TMemo)
    function CanShowEmulatedTextHint: Boolean; override;
    procedure InitializeWnd; override;
    procedure SetTextHint(const AValue: TTranslateString); override;

  TForm1 = class(TForm)
uses Win32Proc;
function TMemo.CanShowEmulatedTextHint: Boolean;
  SaveComCtlVersion: Cardinal;
  SaveComCtlVersion := ComCtlVersion;
  ComCtlVersion := 0;
    Result := inherited;
    ComCtlVersion := SaveComCtlVersion;
And in the same way to write all three methods.
Reset variable ComCtlVersion force LCL to believe that the system doesn't support property TextHint and will be used an emulation.

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