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0035977PackagesPackagespublic2019-10-20 17:53
ReporterbobAssigned ToLuiz Americo 
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PlatformwinOS7/64OS Version
Product Version2.0.4Product Buildchronolog_package 0.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0035977: a ; out of place
Descriptionpackage do not compile at end
Steps To ReproduceCompile package chronolog_package 0.1:
Additional Informationpackage chronolog_package 0.1: Codice di uscita 1, Errori: 1, suggerimenti: 1
cpu.pas(137,24) Note: Values in enumeration types have to be ascending
cpu.pas(372,30) Fatal: Syntax error, "identifier" expected but ";" found

solve: cpu.pas
line 372
remove the ; at line end

as lazarus redownload package, it comes back
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2019-08-17 15:28

reporter   ~0117717

main package is LuiPack

Bart Broersma

2019-08-17 15:51

developer   ~0117718

AFAIK this is not part of Lazarus?


2019-08-18 22:44

developer   ~0117731

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The luipack is maintained by Luiz, and he is developer here; so, I think it is ok to report the issue here.

However, I cannot reproduce the issue on my system (Win 10 (64 bit), Laz trunk, fpc 3.2, 32 bit):
- I installed the chonolog_package via Online-Package-Manager (well: it is a runtime package, it is only compiled, not really "installed") - it has version 0.1 as noted in the report.
--> No problem during compilation

Looking into unit cpu.pas, near line 372 I see:

    {$IFDEF OS_WINDOWS}windows{$ENDIF}
    {$IFDEF OS_UNIX}unix{$ENDIF};

This is perfectly correct as long as the symbols OS_WINDOWS or OS_UNIX are defined (and the outer conditions are met). If, for example, you are on a Mac, however, where these symbols are not defined, there is indeed a vagabonding semicolon as reported.

But I doubt if this is a real issue. It is just a consequence of the fact that the chronolog_package seems to work only for Windows, *nix as well as OS/2 and DOS systems (for the latter ones the uses clause is bypassed).

It is a bit mysterious, though, because your report header says that your OS is Windows.

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