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0035980FPCCompilerpublic2019-08-19 08:32
ReporterTakeda MatsukiAssigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Platformx64OSWindows 10 (1903)OS Version18362.295
Product Version3.2.0Product Buildr42593 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0035980: Internal Error 200108231 : Cross Compile From Windows to aarch64-Linux failed
DescriptionDownload for aarch64-linux :
1. Toolchain :
2. Library :
3. FPC 3.2.0 r42593

Build the compiler using both toolchain and library above were successful but when select aarch64-linux in Lazarus Fixes 2.0 Branch (Lazarus v2.0.5) always failed.
Steps To Reproduce0. Build the Cross Compiler for aarch64-linux
1. Open the project
2. Set Project Option Config Target OS : Linux, Target CPU : aarch64
3. Add Cross Library (aarch64-linux) Folder
4. Build The Project

I attached simple project to show the error
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Takeda Matsuki

2019-08-19 08:32

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