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0036000LazarusLCLpublic2019-08-24 01:42
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Summary0036000: Feature req: TCombobox.TextHint support
DescriptionTEdit supports TextHint prop, while TCombobox (in editable style) does not.
User or CudaText wants to show TextHint in his plugin dialog in combobox field.
Can you pls add it?
(maybe i can add it, not sure...)
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jamie philbrook

2019-08-24 01:09

reporter   ~0117813

This will have to be a widget set change but in windows...

    A:UnicodeString = 'test';
 SendMessage(ComboBox1.Handle, $1703, 0, UintPtr(PWChar(A)));

 That puts CUeBanner text in the EDIT field when not in focus and has no content.

the $1703 is the CB_SETCUEBANNER message for windows Vista/7 and up.

$1501 could be XP, not sure about that one.

jamie philbrook

2019-08-24 01:42

reporter   ~0117814

This keeps the hint visible when focused if there is no text in the box.

    A:UnicodeString = 'test';
    info: TComboBoxInfo;
  Info.CbSize := SizeOf(Info);
  GetComboBoxInfo(ComboBox1.Handle, @info);
  //SendMessage(ComboBox1.Handle,{CB_SETCUEBANNER} $1703, 0, UintPtr(PWChar(A)));
  SendMessage(Info.hwndItem,{EM_SETCUEBANNER}$1501{ $1502=GET}, 1, UIntPtr(PWChar(A)));

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