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0036026LazarusIDEpublic2020-07-30 09:46
ReporterZoë Peterson Assigned ToPascal Riekenberg  
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Product Version2.0.4 
Summary0036026: Codetools parsing for garbage in {$IF } blocks
DescriptionThe new macOS headers in FPC includes this apparently malformed line that the compiler accepts:

{$if defined(__OBJC2__)defined(interface)defined(NSExtensionContext)defined(NSObject)}

According to Jonas ( ):

"Borland-style compilers (and hence FPC as well) ignore all invalid tokens/characters at the end of an $if/$if(n)def directive. So the above is equivalent to {$if defined(__OBJC2__)}."

Currently it breaks the code tools and prevents accessing any of the inherited Objective C classes when working with the Lazarus LCLCOCOA widgetset. See also
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