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0036164LazarusDatabase Componentspublic2019-11-13 00:03
ReporterAndersonAssigned To 
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Product Version2.0.4Product Build 
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Summary0036164: TDBEdit.Modified is not setting
DescriptionThe "Modified" property is not setting to true after making a change to an TDBEdit component.
Steps To ReproduceSee sample or just try something like:

  if DBEditDBF.Modified then
    ShowMessage('DBF Modified')
    ShowMessage('DBF NOT Modified');

Made a sample code using IBX, Memdataset and TDBF
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2019-10-11 18:37

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2019-11-07 15:01

reporter   ~0119136

tested with Lazarus 2.0.6 and the bug stills there

Juha Manninen

2019-11-13 00:03

developer   ~0119249

I am not sure if the "Modified" property should be set for any DB aware controls. The DB itself is modified, not the control connecting to it.
A DB expert should comment on this one.

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