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0036218LazarusIDEpublic2020-07-27 01:00
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Product Version2.0.5 (SVN) 
Summary0036218: Constant flickering and generally unacceptably poor form designer performance recently, with Sparta Docked Form Editor installed
DescriptionI'm running 64-bit Windows 10, and use native 64-bit trunk FPC + 64-bit trunk Lazarus. My PC has 16 gigs of RAM and an i7-4790K, so certainly should not be the issue.

I'm not sure when precisely this started, but basically it seems as though any time you click anywhere on the "design form", the IDE enters some noticeably inefficient loop to redraw everything, which hasn't always been the case (or at least, not noticeably the case.) Much of the time the icons for "non visual components" simply disappear at random, also, occasionally re-appearing every so often when the redraw happens.

Have there been significant changes to any aspect of the form design part of the IDE recently that might be the cause? Or changes to the Sparta Docked Form Editor Package?
Steps To ReproduceUse IDE as described.
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Juha Manninen

2019-10-27 09:54

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> Or changes to the Sparta Docked Form Editor Package?
Yes, see the related issues and trunk revision 62042.
You have entered "2.0.5 (SVN)" as product version but r62124 (Product Build) is in trunk. I guess you use trunk.
My Sparta changes updated and renamed the local copy of Generics.Collection lib preventing a name clash with units in FPC libs.
There were no (intended) functional changes.
One change was to eliminate a USE_GENERICS_COLLECTIONS define and use Generics.Collection always. Earlier the default was to use other container classes.
Please test before and after trunk r62042. Remember to do a clean build to prevent the build problems mentioned in related issues.

There is also a nasty memory management issue (I guess) caused by interfaced units, see 0036151.
Such errors can cause any kinds of symptoms especially when testing without all debug flags on.

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