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0036331PackagesPackagespublic2020-03-23 16:28
ReporterMarcou Gilles Assigned Towp  
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Product Version2.0 
Summary0036331: Memory leak in fpvectorial

In the procedure:

procedure TvVectorialPage.Render(ADest: TFPCustomCanvas;
  ADestX: Integer; ADestY: Integer; AMulX: Double; AMulY: Double;
  ADoDraw: Boolean = true);

The variable rInfo is setup as an out parameter of a call to the function InitializeRenderInfo:

InitializeRenderInfo(rInfo, ADest, nil);

rInfo is of type TvRenderInfo, which fields are classes.

Later, at first iteration of a loop, the rInfo takes the value of another variable and therefore loses the binding to the classes to its initial classes intances.

if i = 0 then
      rInfo := RenderInfo

This is the origin of a memory leak.

A solution would be to remove the line:
InitializeRenderInfo(rInfo, ADest, nil);

and instead:
1/ rInfo:=RenderInfo
2/ Replace the condition
if i = 0 then
      rInfo := RenderInfo


if i>1 then
Steps To ReproduceWrite an application and use the function DrawFPVectorialToCanvas
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Fixed in Revision62301
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2019-11-21 11:17

developer   ~0119414

Please prepare a demo showing the issue as well as a proper patch. Nobody is maintaining fpvectorial at the moment, and you would help us this way.


2019-11-27 00:10

developer   ~0119520

Fixed. Please test and close if ok, otherwise reopen.

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