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0036386LazarusIDEpublic2019-12-01 09:56
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Product Version2.0.7 (SVN) 
Summary0036386: additional compiler config file is not used in IDE
DescriptionIt is possible to use an additional compiler config file per project.

Menue: Project > Project Options... //Compiler Options > Config and Target > Use additional compiler config file

During compilation this additional config file (in this case app.cfg) is taken into consideration and it works as expected.

But the IDE Editor does not use the values of the defined additional configuration file(app.cfg).
Changes in app.cfg do not change the behavior of the editor as it should be.

Given the definition of USE_SPLASH in the additional configuration file (app.cfg) and the code example:
lblSplash.Caption:='Splashscreen should be used';
lblSplash.Caption:='No Splashscreen should be shown';

no changes were made in the editor when changing the value USE_SPLASH in app.cfg. One case should be engrayed, the other should be not engrayed. But nothing happens.

Furthermore app.cfg is not included in "View > IDE Internals > About FPC // FPC output".
Only the standard file fpc.cfg is interpreted. The additional config file (in this case app.cfg) is neither shown nor interpreted.
Steps To Reproduceremove the # before
in the file app.cfg and test the correct using of app.cfg after compile/run.

But the changing of #DEFINE USE_SPLASH has no sudden effect in the editor.

In opposite to that behavior the values set in
Menue: Project > Project Options...//Custom Options>Defines
were processed at once.
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