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0036387LazarusIDEpublic2019-12-08 21:49
ReporterMario Ray Mahardhika Assigned ToMartin Friebe  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.1 (SVN) 
Target Version2.0.8Fixed in Version2.0.8 
Summary0036387: IDE crashes whenever trying to open any Javascript file
DescriptionOpening any Javascript file using any method (open from project inspector, from open dialog, etc.) will crash the IDE with ERangeError.
Steps To Reproduce1. Open the IDE
2. Open any Javascript file (stacktrace below is from opening a Javascript file that's part of current project from project inspector)
3. IDE will crash
Additional InformationThe crash generates the following stack trace:

TApplication.HandleException: ERangeError
Range check error
  Stack trace:
  $000000000112F832 GETFOLDCONFIG, line 2003 of synedithighlighterfoldbase.pas
  $000000000120D54C DOMARKUPPARENTFOLDATROW, line 649 of syneditmarkupfoldcoloring.pas
  $000000000120F71C PREPAREMARKUPFORROW, line 1002 of syneditmarkupfoldcoloring.pas
  $0000000001076769 PREPAREMARKUPFORROW, line 588 of syneditmarkup.pp
  $00000000010EDCFC PAINTLINES, line 1712 of lazsyntextarea.pp
  $00000000010ED66F PAINTTEXTLINES, line 1798 of lazsyntextarea.pp
  $00000000010ED0AA DOPAINT, line 1417 of lazsyntextarea.pp
  $00000000010D9AE2 PAINT, line 1301 of syneditmiscclasses.pp
  $00000000010EAE7B DOPAINT, line 1068 of lazsyntextarea.pp
  $00000000010D9AE2 PAINT, line 1301 of syneditmiscclasses.pp
  $000000000133A752 DOPAINT, line 1352 of sourcesyneditor.pas
  $00000000010D9AE2 PAINT, line 1301 of syneditmiscclasses.pp
  $0000000000A3ABCA PAINT, line 4000 of synedit.pp
  $0000000000700E9B PAINTWINDOW, line 118 of include/
  $00000000006DD7A1 PAINTHANDLER, line 4840 of include/
  $00000000006E40D5 WMPAINT, line 6828 of include/
  $0000000000700D6C WMPAINT, line 98 of include/
QWidget::repaint: Recursive repaint detected
FreeFormEditor: FormEditor1=TFormEditor
Hint: (lazarus) [TMainIDE.Destroy] B -> inherited Destroy... TMainIDE
Hint: (lazarus) [TMainIDE.Destroy] END
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Fixed in Revision62317
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Bart Broersma

2019-12-01 12:20

developer   ~0119565

Lazarus 2.1.0 r61683 FPC 3.0.4 i386-win32-win32/win64: no crash on opening a (very simple) javascript file.
Can you attach the javascript file?

Juha Manninen

2019-12-01 12:27

developer   ~0119566

I have the same experience as Bart has. I created "test.js" with contents:
 document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = "My JavaScript";

and added it to a project. It opens just fine. It must be a specific javascript file triggering the error.

Martin Friebe

2019-12-01 13:51

manager   ~0119568

fixed in 62317

Please test and close if ok.

For anyone using a release, to prevent the error, go to Tools > Options > Editor > Display > Markup and Matches: Disable "Outline (Global)".

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