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0036433Lazarus CCRPackagespublic2019-12-16 08:16
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Summary0036433: mouseandkeyinput help
DescriptionHi guys. I'm modifying the mouseandkeyinput package to make it work with cocoa. Mouse management seems to work, but I have a question. If you look at the CocoaMouseInput.pas source
 you will see the commented line

// CFRelease (MyMouseEvent);

Because I couldn't find the equivalent in FPC sources. Does anyone know how to work around this problem?

Instead the keyboard management does not work. If you look at the CocoaKeyInput.pas source you will see that the SendKeyInput function is the offending part. To understand the problem just fill in my example with the modified package that I release here and press the button called test 2. You will see that instead of writing W LAZARUS writes other characters. Ideas ?!
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francesco sammarco

2019-12-13 08:23

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Bart Broersma

2019-12-14 23:32

developer   ~0119852

Please use the forum or mailinglist for questions, not the bugtracker.

francesco sammarco

2019-12-16 08:16

reporter   ~0119874

I had written on the forum and was advised to post it on Mantis because they lack the features needed to convert the package.,47761.0.html

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