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0036566FPCRTLpublic2020-01-13 17:21
ReporterArmin LinderAssigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformRaspberry Pi 3+OSRaspbianOS Version10 (Buster)
Product Version3.0.4Product Build3.0.4+dfsg-22+rpii 
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Summary0036566: serReadTimeout hangs indefinitely if serial device is disconnected
DescriptionI use this line of code to read serial data from a serial device (/dev/ttyACM0)

  GAUGE_VALUE_LENGTH = 8; // Sign + 5 Digits + CR + LF
  MAX_BUFFER = 100;

  ByteBuffer: array[0..MAX_BUFFER] of byte;
  StringBuffer: ShortString absolute ByteBuffer;

... (loop until terminated)
    if _ComHandle <> 0 then
      // query the gauge
      StringBuffer := '?';
      SerWrite(_ComHandle, StringBuffer[1], 1);
      // read response
      // For debugging -----
      // End debugging -----
      StringBuffer[0] := chr(SerReadTimeout(_ComHandle, ByteBuffer[1], GAUGE_VALUE_LENGTH, GAUGE_RESPONSE_TIMEOUT));
      // For debugging -----
      // End debugging -----
      if Length(StringBuffer) = GAUGE_VALUE_LENGTH then

Generally this routine works well on WIndows (10) and Raspbian. Unfortunately, on Raspbian, if I disconnect the device, upon next call of this command, it does never return, nor throw any exception --> the program hangs. Re-Plugging the device doesn't help, I need to restart the program. On Windows everything works, after the timeout has expired, the call returns 0.
Steps To ReproduceCall SerReradTimeout in a loop and disconnect the device. the call won't ever return.
Additional InformationIf this info isn't enough to reproduce the problem I will happily drag together a short sample.
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