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0036618LazarusWidgetsetpublic2020-01-27 05:42
ReporterChris Rorden Assigned ToDmitry Boyarintsev  
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Product Version2.1 (SVN) 
Summary0036618: Cocoa: TListView AutoSortLastColumn issue
DescriptionThis is a very small issue, but setting the ListView AutoSortLastColumn property to true has some odd properties. The exact behavior seems to depend on whether the last column has its "AutoSize" property set to true. If it is set to true, on my Retina display the last column is always made too wide, such that the scrollbar Is drawn and the SortIndicator can not be seen. If the AutoSize property is off for the last column, the scrollbar is not shown even when the last column is completely hidden.
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Fixed in Revision62589
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Chris Rorden

2020-01-22 16:48

reporter (109,777 bytes)
TListView.png (151,608 bytes)   
TListView.png (151,608 bytes)   

Dmitry Boyarintsev

2020-01-26 04:08

developer   ~0120748

please test and close if ok

Chris Rorden

2020-01-26 13:28

reporter   ~0120757

  Thanks, This is much improved. There is still one issue, that my newly attached project illustrates. With this new project:
   1. Note that if you resize the ListView using the splitter, the horizontal scrollbar appears or disappears as required (Good).
  2. If you resize the ListView using by resizing the form, once the horizontal scrollbar appears it will never disappear, even if it is no longer needed (Bad).

Perhaps this is a rare use case, for context this is for my brain imaging tool where the user can select to see graphs and cluster tables, though some images are only suitable for graphs and others are only suitable for clusters:
I can understand if you do not want to devote development effort to corner cases, but if this is easy to solve it may help other users in the future who want to do something similar.

Thanks again, the current patch is a big improvement, and I am happy to close the issue if you feel the residual problem is not big enough to warrant development time. (111,720 bytes)
4D.png (213,874 bytes)   
4D.png (213,874 bytes)   

Dmitry Boyarintsev

2020-01-27 04:59

developer   ~0120776

Last edited: 2020-01-27 05:42

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as a temporary workaround you can set BorderStyle to bsNone.

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