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0036623FPCCompilerpublic2020-02-15 22:01
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Product Version3.3.1 
Summary0036623: Compiler always call class constructors even if classes are not used
DescriptionUsage of the "Self" class in a class constructor has to be ignored by the smart linking mechanism so that classes that are not used anywhere else are not linked into the executable.

This is also logical - that is exactly the difference between the initialization section and class constructors. If this difference is not present, the biggest advantage/difference compared to the initialization section of class constructors is lost.

I know this Delphi incompatiblity is documented: but anyway IMO it cannot be really justified:
1.) If you always want to add the class to the EXE, use the class in the initialization section.
2.) If you need to call initialization code and you want to skip the class from the EXE if it isn't used elsewhere, you can use class constructors in Delphi. In FPC you don't have this possibility.
Steps To ReproduceThe following program writes "bang" when compiled with FPC but does not write anything in Delphi.

program ClassConstructors;
{$mode delphi}
  TMyClass = class(TObject)
    class constructor Create;
{ TMyClass }
class constructor TMyClass.Create;
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related to 0029334 new Incorrect order of class constructors calls 
has duplicate 0036625 resolvedMichael Van Canneyt class constructors and initialization sections are executed even if main program is empty 



2020-02-15 22:01

administrator   ~0121114

For the record: I see little chances to get this ever fixed in general as FPC depends on the smart linking capabilities of the external linkers.

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