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Summary0036696: TArrayUtils.RandomShuffle produces biased results

RandomShuffle produces a biased result. It does not allow the possibility that a shuffled element will remain unchanged. In a truly random shuffle, the possibility exists that an element will remain the same value.

Current implementation:
class procedure TArrayUtils.RandomShuffle(Arr: TArr; size: SizeUInt);
var i,r:SizeUInt; temp:Tvalue;
  for i:=size-1 downto 1 do begin

Since random(Int64(i)) does not include i the line
should be changed to:
Additional InformationSee:
  j ← random integer such that 0 ≤ j ≤ i's_algorithm
  "In fact, as described below, it is quite easy to accidentally implement Sattolo's algorithm when the ordinary Fisher–Yates shuffle is intended. This will bias the results by causing the permutations to be picked from the smaller set of (n−1)! cycles of length N, instead of from the full set of all n! possible permutations. "

See also:,36445.msg349076.html#msg349076
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2020-02-12 16:08

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Also reference:,36445.msg349000.html#msg349000

Thaddy de Koning

2020-02-13 11:42

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I believe that implementation to be correct for its intended purpose. One just has to document what kind of shuffle is implemented.
The fact that all elements have a different position is intentional.

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